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Proprietary Techniques Make a Difference

Research Services

Focus groups

Mail intercept surveys

Telephone surveys

Mail surveys

Internet / web surveys

Executive interviews

In-store surveys

Information reviews

Customer satisfaction surveys

Database analysis

Marketing plans & consulting

Proprietary Techniques

Concept Segmentation®...positioning for increased sales

InterAct®...real-time product, retail & shopping insights

MenuMax® product line optimization

SatisFact®...tailored customer satisfaction programs

Clarity®...intelligent marketing focus groups

Affinity®...understanding affluent audiences

WebIQ®...real time website research

SegWay®...enhanced market segmentation

Equify®...brand equity research & assessments

The specific techniques used depend on the issue being addressed. Qualitative research and quantitative research programs are custom-designed to maximize actionable information in the most effective and efficient manner. Where conventional research usually begins with focus groups, we often start with quantitative research to identify the proper direction then follow with focus groups to fine tune marketing strategy and marketing executions.  Our customer satisfaction programs are not just a report card, but clearly define the directions to pursue for brand enhancement and competitive advantage.

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